Padjelanta boats


Figure 1. Graffiti from the Borjjas site: dates, a calf-marking diagram, and a nude woman.
Figure 2. A reindeer from the Padjelanta site. The animal appears to be male, and the lines drawn on its head and back probably represent harness and saddle, respectively.
Figure 3. Human figures from the Padjelanta site. The two figures appear to be contemporary with the adjacent boats (Boat 4 and Boat 5), whereas B4 is probably more recent. At least one of the B4 figures appears to be wearing a S mi hat.
Figure 4. Co-ordinates and relative positions of the six Padjelanta boats.
Figure 5. Padjelanta Boat 1 and an adjacent obscure figure.
Figure 6. Padjelanta Boat 2, an adjacent animal figure (left), and the anchor of Boat 4 (up)
Figure 7. Padjelanta Boat 3
Figure 8. The hull, furled sail, rudder and occupants of Padjelanta Boat 4
Figure 9. Padjelanta Boat 5
Figure 10. Padjelanta Boat 6
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