[Reindeer from Shaman Drum]
Photo 1. Vladimir Charnoluski (1894-1969).
Figure 1. The Meandash-stories have been used in interpreting the contents of the Perm animal-style brass fillets. A human reindeer with wings on a saurian creature. 7th-8th century. After Oborin & Chagin 1988.
Figure 2. The Sami narrator Piotr Sarvanov. A drawing by V. Charnoluski.
Figure 3. A Sami witch saying charms. After J. Schefferus (1674).
Figure 4. The long-necked swan petroglyphs referring to the magic related to neck. The Neolithic site of rock-carvings at Cape Peri Nos, Lake Onega.
Figure 5. The raven son-in-law. A drawing by V. Charnoluski.
Figure 6. The seal son-in-law. A drawing by V. Charnoluski.
Figure 7. Three suitors. An illustration by V. Petrov, after Sangi 1985. The artist has had a vision of a three-sphere universe.
Figure 8. Tying ribbons around the reindeer calves' necks. An illustration by N. Kostrov after V. Charnoluski 1962.
Photo 2. The Sami narrator Tatiana Danilova. After V. Charnoluski 1965.
Figure 9. A bone spoon. After Kodol nyi 1975. Were the reindeer images on items made by a carver who had considered this wild animal as his totem?
Figure 10. A lovely dog. Illustration by N. Kostrov, after V. Charnoluski 1962.