Procedure For Use Of the Collections Of the Estonian Folklore Archives

1. The collections of the Estonian Folklore Archives (Eesti Rahvaluule Arhiiv — ERA) are open to all for research purposes, with the exception of materials on which access limitations have been imposed.

2. The Archives are open: Monday–Thursday 9.00 a.m.–5.00 p.m., Friday 9.00 a.m.–4.30 p.m. Original materials can be ordered from the Archives no later than 30 minutes before closing time.

3. To use the collections, please start by referring to room 211.

4. The user of the Archives is asked to fill out the Client Card that requires the client's name and contact information. By signing the card, the client agrees to abide by the regulations of the Estonian Literary Museum (Eesti Kirjandusmuuseum — EKM) and the Estonian Folklore Archives for the use of the collections, as well as the applicable laws of the Republic Of Estonia (Personal Data Protection Act, Public Information Act, copyright laws, etc.). The applicable legal texts and regulations are readily available at the Archives. Estonian Folklore Archives guarantees the confidential treatment of all personal data provided by the users.

5. All visitors of the Archives must sign the guest register in the researchers room. ERA materials are to be used exclusively in the ERA researchers' room (211); permission to use them on other premises of the Estonian Literary Museum may be granted after a personal agreement with the Archives. However, the materials are never to leave the Museum building.

6. The collections are not to be damaged. Damage done must be compensated for, in the amount specified by a decision of the EKM evaluation committee. Failure to abide by the regulations for the use of the collections may result in the Head of the Archives revoking the client's right to use the collections. In such cases, appeals should be directed to the Director of the Estonian Literary Museum.

7. Copies of original ERA materials can be ordered, provided that copies can be made without damaging the original (see Ordering Copies, Pricelist).

8. ERA materials may be quoted and summarized in works of research, provided the correct system of reference is applied and the limitations imposed on the material and the right to privacy of informants and performers when dealing with sensitive topics is taken into consideration. Help and information on the reference system can be obtained from the archivists and the website of the Estonian Folklore Archives available at

9.The compilation of printed publications, databases and online publications based on archive materials must be coordinated in advance from the planning stage forward with the Head of the Archives. Detailed terms and conditions for publication of each individual work will be agreed upon the execution of a publication contract.
The terms of use of the Estonian Folklore Archives have been set forth in Directive No. 1-3/2P of the Head of the Estonian Literary Museum as of 14 January 2011.

Ordering Copies

1. To order copies, the client must sign the Contract For Ordering And Use Of Copies that establishes the requirements and limitations for the use of copied material.

2. Copies are made by the archivists or the employees of other departments of the Estonian Literary Museum within 1–5 days. The turnaround time for making digital copies of previously undigitized material depends on the volume of the material ordered and is set separately for each order.

3. If there is a working copy of the material available, further copies are generally made from the working copy, not the original.

4. As a rule, no photocopies or scans are made of old original manuscripts (E, EKS, EKÜ, EÜS, H, SKS, Veske, ÕES).

5. The making of copies from digitalized bodies of text must be approved by the head of the respective research project.

6. The complete systemized data collections in the Archives will not be copied (e.g. subject fields in electronic databases, card catalogues, copy portfolios).

7. Based on the pricelist, the client pays for copies made by money transfer or in cash (with sums not exceeding 300 euros) after receiving the invoice.

8. The client can collect the copies from the archivist when the payment has been made.


1. Photocopies

 Materials  Amount  Size  Price (EUR) 
 Unbound original manuscripts  1 lk  A4  0.35 
 1 lk  A3  0.70 
 Bound original manuscripts (strictly limited to special cases  1 lk  A4  0.95 
 1 lk  A3  1.30 
 Publications, typescripts, registers, index cards  1 page  A4  0.05 
 1 page  A3  0.15 

2. Digitalization and Copies From Digitalized Materials

  Teenus    Amount    Size    Price (EUR)  
 Digital scanning or printout from original manuscript
 või väljatrükk pildina  
  1 page    A4, A5, A6    0.70  
  1 page    A3    0.95  
  Printout from digitized text    1800 characters       0.35  
  Digital copying of previously digitized text    1800 characters       0.70  

  Service   Amount    Size    Price (EUR)  
  Foto elektrooniline koopia    1       1.60  
  Digitaliseeritud foto väljatrükk    1    10x15    0.95  
  1    18x24    1.28  

Sound records
  Service   Amount    Price (EUR)  
  Digital copying of digital sound recording    1 min    0.35  
  Digitization and digital copying of audio-recorded material    1 min    0.80  

Video records
  Service    Amount    Price (EUR)  
  Digital copying (output in WMV format) of digitized video-recorded material    1 min    1.00  
  Digitization and copying of video-recorded material    1 min    2.00  

3. Copies From Undigitalized Audio And Video Recordings

  Teenus    Amount    Price (EUR)  
  Analog audio recording    1 min    2.00/0.12  
  Analog video recording    1 min    5.00/0.32  

4. Photographic reproductions

  Photos    Size    Price (EUR)  
  Black and white photos    Up to 13x18    1.30  
  18x24    1.90  
  30x40    6.40  
  Color photos    10x15    1.60/ each subsequent 0.95  
  15x21    2.55/ subsequent 1.30  
  21x30    6.40/ subsequent 2.55  
  28x35    7.70/ subsequent 3.85  
  30x40    9.60/ subsequent 4.80  

5. Photographing archival materials with client's camera in the presence of a staff member

  Materials   Amount    Price (EUR)  
  original archive material    1 page, 1 photo etc    0.10  
  copies and reproductions (index cards, etc.)       free  

For extra fee:
a) Delivery of copies by mail is available at extra cost according to the pricelist of Eesti Post Ltd.
b) In the case of larger volumes (over 100 pp of photocopying or over 20 pp of digital photo scanning) and faster turnaround (order completed within a working day), 50% of the cost will be added to the original price
c) In the case of reproducing the material for commercial use, the price for copying services can be up to tripled.

6. Discounts

There is a 25% discount available to:

  • secondary school and university students for research
  • folklore groups
  • correspondents of the Archives
  • Copies are free for the person who originally collected the data and donated the materials to the Estonian Folklore Archives.