Publication of the SEAC 2002.

NB! Received articles NB!

      We would like to invite you to submit your presentation as one of the papers of the publication of SEAC 2002 Meeting. We would need the final version of your contribution by November 1, 2002. It would have to be a maximum of 7 000 words (38 000 characters).
      Articles will be received as attachments to e-mails, but we will still expect floppy disc and printed copies in order to achieve better design. As to programs we prefer plain text, Word 2.0, Word 6.0 versions and Word for Mac files. We would still like to agree on technical details over e-mail or mail because there is an abundance of suitable programs and quite some of them might be acceptable.
      We prefer endnotes and, please, use British English spelling. Integrate quotations of less than 30 words in the text using Italics or double quotation marks. Longer quotations should be indented paragraphs (without using quotation marks). Provide parenthetical internal citations with author, date and page number as follows (Hoppal 1997: 23). Provide a full bibliography of references cited.
      Bibliography should be formulated according to the following examples: Boll, F. 1926. Sternglaube und Sterndeutung. Leipzig & Berlin.
Carlson, S. 1985. A double-blind test of astrology. Nature. Vol 318, pp 419–425
Pyysiäinen, Ilkka 1993. Beyond Language and Reason. Mysticism in Indian Buddhism. (Annales Academiae Scientiarum Fennicae. Dissertationes Humanarum Litterarum, 66.) Helsinki: Finnish Academy of Sciences.
      Illustrations. We welcome illustrative material to accompany articles. Each illustration (photos, line drawings, etc.) should be labelled with caption, credits and copyright information. Desired position of illustrations should be marked in the text as *Photo No. of *Fig. No. It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that any necessary permissions for reproducing the illustrations are obtained. It is not enough to have the illustrative material embedded in text – for good quality, we need you to send them as separate files.
      Finally, we wish you success for the future and hope to meet you at the following conferences.
Organising Committee of SEAC 2002-09-05