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Figure 1. The Fifth Sun of World Age - created at Teotihuacán - is ruled by Tonatiuh, the sun: «the soaring eagle (quauhtleoanitl), the turquoise prince (xipilli), the god (teutl)» (FC, Book VIII: 1).

In the center of the so-called Aztec Sun Stone the face of Tonatiuh is seen surrounded by the signs of the previous destroyed eras simbolising their days and ways of destruction: Ocelot, Wind, Rain (of Fire), and Water. The Fifth Sun - the present age - will be destroyed by earthquakes.

Source of the illustration: Alfonso Caso «El Pueblo del Sol» (1953), p. 48.

Figure 2. Sala de la revolucion. Pinturas murales por David Alfaro Siqueiros, 1967. Museo Nacional de Historia - Castillo de Chapultepec. México.