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Question: How can Red Indians continue their way and give notice to others?
Answer: They call by the phone and drive along it.
Archive reference: RKM, KP 3, 184 (4)
Location: Kuu, Loksa Loksa Kk, 5. kl
Date: 1992
Subject: Indians
Question: Once upon a time there lived a Gammer (1) and a Gaffer (2). The Gammer had a birthday and the Gaffer wanted to congratulate her, but they were parted by a big lake (3). In the middle of the lake there was an island (4) with a small fisherman’s hut. As it was Spring, it was dangerous to drive a boat on the lake and this option was off. Around the lake there was a thick forest full of wolves (5). How could he congratulate the Gammer?
Archive reference: RKM, KP 11, 233 (3)
Location: Hag, Saku Tallinna 7. Kk, 9. kl
Date: 1992
Subject: telephone