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Question: A prisoner is escaping from the prison, gets away only if he doesn’t cross one bridge twice. How can he get out?
Answer: He goes over the three, from the fourth one he has already come once. This way he only went once over each bridge.
Archive reference: RKM II 362, 146 (6)
Location: Ote, Koorvere k
Date: 1982
Subject: bridge
Question: A prisoner is given a chance to get free, if he crosses all bridges and ends up on the other shore. You have to start from the prison’s side and none of the bridges can be crossed more than once.
Answer: When coming to the prison he already crossed one bridge, thus he only needs to cross these three bridges.
Archive reference: RKM, KP 34, 437 (1)
Location: Kos Nõo Reaalgümn, 11. kl
Date: 1992
Subject: bridge