Panel 9. Intersubjectivity and Intertextuality: Connections and Interactions (ENG)

Organizer:Anneli Mihkelev (University of Tallinna),

Intersubjectivity and intertextuality connect superficially different communication partners. Intersubjectivity concentrates on the sender of the message, the essence of the sender or senders, emotions and aims of the senders and the communication what is created by these different communication persons during the co-operation process. Intertextuality expresses the contacts between different texts and the new messages. Do these have the borders between intersubjectivity and intertextuality, how it is possible to recognize the borders and is it necessary at all?

How the intersubjectivity and intertextuality interact in the verbal text? What kind of meanings they create together or separately? Why the authors create these textual or mental contacts?

When intersubectivity connects different senders of the messages, is it possible also intertextual relations? Are these completely different phenomena or do they have some connections? How it is possible to understand what kind of relation it is?

What kind of relations appear in the visual and or audial texts?

How these interactions have changed in the culture during the influence of different ideologies and historical events and political reactions?

Intersubjectivity and intertextuality at school (possibilities and reality).

How do relate inertextuality, intersubjectivity and multimediality in culture?