Folk Belief Today

Aado Lintrop Pagan Sacrificing Procedures of the Udmurts
Kärt Summatavet Commentaries to the Emblem of the Conference
Alexander Lipatov The History and Semantics of some Typologically Connected Finno-Ugric Theonyms
Bahlul Abdullayev Mythological Image of Alarvady (Albasty) in the Azerbaijan Birth Rites
Åsa Ljungström The Shepherd turns into a Vanishing Hitchhiker
Gábor Barna Deadseers (Soulseers) in the Hungarian Village Today
Patricia Lysaght Traditional Beliefs and Narratives of a Contemporary Irish Tradition Bearer
Elena Boikova Music in the System of Traditional Beliefs of the South Udmurts
Leonid Makarov Pagan and Christian Realia in the Culture of the Pre-Kama Region Inhabitants in the II Century AD
Nicolai Boyarkin Types of Mordvinian Instumental Folk Music
Olga Mazur The Bear Feast of the Kazym Khanty
Tatyana Bulgakova The Creation of New Spirits in Nanay Shamanism
Nino Mindadze Customs Related to Children's Infectious Diseases in Georgia
Natalya Chesnokova The Myth of the Northern Sub-Urals
Tatyana Minniyakhmetova Eating of Beestings as an Original Calendar Rite of the Bashkirian Udmurts
Oksana Dobzhanskaya The Music in the Nganasan Shaman Ritual
Reet Naber Lucky Voyage!
Carola Ekrem St. Valentine's Day - an Innovation among the Annual Feasts in Finland
Irina Nurieva Spring Ritual Akashka og the South Udmurts
Natalya Glukhova Reflections of the Cheremis Religious Beliefs in the Texts of the Pagan Prayers
Triino Ojamaa The Musical and Ritual Functions of the Nganasan Shaman Drum
Oleg Grachov Civil Engineering Aspects of the Formation of Mansi and Udmurt Worship Complexes
Edita Olupe The Semantics of Threshold in Latvian Traditions
Galina Grachova Traditional Beliefs of the Dolghans in their Narratives
Per Peterson Attitudes and Folk Belief about Wolves in Swedish Tradition
Anait Grigorian A Change of the Aspect of the Traditional Character in Armenian Medieval Fables Compared to Parables and Fables in ‘Kalila and Dimna’ and ‘Panchatantra’ and those of Aesop
Valeri Petrov Vital Energy, Spirits and Gods in Mari Folk Medicine
Béla Gunda Oskar Loorits und die Ungarische Folklore
Éva Pocs Traces of Indo-European Shamanism in South East Europe
Robin Gwyndaf Deisidaimonia, ‘Fear of the Gods’
Elena Pushkareva Nenets Personal Names
Tsovinar Harutyunyan The Image of the Cosmogonic Sacrifice in the Armenian Heroic Epic ‘Sasna Tsrer’
Ingrid Rüütel Wedding Traditions of the Isle of Kihnu - Roots and Developments
Mall Hiiemäe Souls’ Visiting Time in the Estonian Folk Calendar
Larissa Rybakova Traditional Beliefs and Rituals Viewed through Folk Songs
Marina Hodyreva Some Special Features of the Folk Music of Vatka and Kalmez Udmurts
Natalya Sainakhova About the Religion of the Mansi
Mihály Hoppál Symbolic Healing in Hungarian Ethnomedicine
Kristi Salve Forest Fairies in the Vepsian Folk Tradition
Irina Ilyina Traditional Komi Concepts about Disease Aetiology
Vaike Sarv The Complicated Role of a Soviet Shaman
Aleksandr Ivanov Once Again about the Udmurt Heroic Epic
Aleksander Shklyayev Contemporary Stories about the Palesmurt
Zurab Jopua Aetiological Remarks and Legends in the Context of Abkhazian Nart Epic
Galina Shushakova The Idea of Earthly and Unearthly Worlds in the Udmurt Fairy Tales
Tuija Joutsivuo The Social Status of a Local Fool in a Finnish Village
Maria Slesareva The Symbolic Figurativness of the East Finno-Ugrian Wedding Songs and their Connection with the Rite
Arne Kalland Facing the Spirits: Illness and Healing in a Japanese Community
Galina Soldatova The Music of Mansi Bear-Feast
Agnezs Kerezsi Music Instruments in the Ritual Ceremonies of the Ob-Ugrians
Vladimir Sysov Funeral Keens and the Dynamics of Psychologism in Funeral Rites
Genya Khachatryan The Ritual Relics of One of the Hypostases of the Cosmogonical Sacrifice
Ülo Tedre About the Life and Work of an Eccentric
Margarita Khrushcheva Folk Beliefs in the Udmurt System of the Calendar Rituals
Gunnar Ternhag The Folk Musician in Focus
Nikolai Konakov Poltergeist in Folklore and Beliefs of the Komi People
Alexander Titovets The Tradition as a Factor and Condition of Development
Joanna Kretsu-Kantsyr Birth and Death in the Romanian Folk Belief
Lydia Toidybekova The Character of Keremet in the Mari Mythology
Ivan Kruk Ecology of Culture: The Folklore and Christian Aspects of the Rebirth of a Culture
Svetlana Tolstaya Saint Worship and its Transformation in the Slavic Folk Culture
Mare Kõiva From Incantations to Rites
Per Martin Tvengsberg Weather-Prophesier and Healer in Solör-Värmland Finnforest
Marju Kõivupuu Three Healers in South-Estonia
Tatyana Tyapkova East Slavonic Wedding Songs
Nina Lavonen On the Beliefs of Kestenga Karelians
Heiki Valk The 13-17th Century Village Cemeteries of South Estonia in Folk-Tradition and Beliefs
Katalin Lazar The North Khanty Bear-Feast Songs
Ülo Valk Religious Background of the Estonian Martinmas Songs
Serafima Lebedeva Spring and Summer Series of Prayers of ‘Gershyd’ in the Village of Varklet-Bodya
Tatyana Vladykina, Vladimir Vladykin Traditional Understanding of the Ideal Organisation of the World in the Udmurt Religious-Mythological System
Urszula Lehr In the Range of Demonological Beliefs
Wulfhild Ziel Religion und Traditioneller Volks-Glaube

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