Kenya is a country in equatorial Africa. More than 40 different ethnicities inhabit the area; the population of the smallest ethnic groups is at least 1,4 million people. In a sense, Kenya leaves the impression of an average European country. Magnificent buildings skyrocket in the central town of Nairobi; the grand households of wealthier people are carefully guarded. Like anywhere else in the world city stores offer 'global' laundry detergents like OMO, or the brand that 'makes your laundry cleaner, things better', Coca-Cola beverages, etc. Even Barbie dolls that are sold to children of completely dark colour skin are white. Not very many white people can be met in the town centre, and even if there are any they are pursued by those who wish to relieve the "lucky man" from excessive money. Most often the offer includes a safari-trip, chattering children are trying to get even your pen while asking for contribution to the school. The wealthy white population must have created a stereotype that they wallow in money.

But generally speaking, Kenya is inhabited by completely normal, good people. Some villages still have no electricity and at the time of drought there are problems with water. The national flag of Kenya has even reached the moon; but then again, they say the same about Estonia. So it is a perfectly normal country.

Rift Valley
Rift Valley
Kenya must be the most humane places in the world. It is argued that the original home of humankind is Rift Valley, which passes also through Kenya. Mass culture has not yet reached the villages of Kenya. Many customs and beliefs that have perished or rendered insignificant by the global information community have been preserved there. Information that has died out in many countries of the world is still alive in Kenya. Therefore it is important to speed up the collection work

Regardless of different climate, skin colour and exoticism we may encounter things that are familiar and homely to us.
Rock Hyrax Kaljudamaan Rock Hyrax Mt Kenya.


We'll have a look at the sights in the vicinity of Nairobi, visit the Luhya people near Lake Victoria, and travel over Mount Kenya - the huge inactive volcano (see map). This is the least we can offer you with this exhibition. Have a nice safari!


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