From language to mind V

What a wonderful world of legends!

Conference dedicated to Estonian folklorist Eda Kalmre
21. september 2018. Tartus, Estonian Literary Museum, 42 Vanemuise Str., Tartu

Conference dedicated to Eda Kalmre’s 60th birthday focuses on modern folktales, legends, and rumours. As a folklorist, Eda Kalmre’s research domain has been extensive, ranging from classical narratives to modern legends, including topics related to Estonians’ identity and history, trauma and catastrophe lore, album culture and visual expressive means. Her studies have mainly focused on more recent folklore layers, dominated by urban legends and rumours in all their diverse socio-political and mental meanings. As a folk narrative researcher, Eda Kalmre has demonstrated a profound insight into cultural memory and repetitive patterns of folktales. By means of her research, she has mediated all this to her contemporaries.

Department of Folkloristics, Estonian Literary Museum
Academic Folklore Society
Centre of Excellence in Estonian Studies (CEES)

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Kujundus Andres Kuperjanov
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