Folklore vol. 39

Folk Narrative Theories and Contemporary Practices VI

Improvisation and Variation: Post-Communist Bulgaria Challenges National Folklore Tradition 7
Elka Agoston-Nikolova


    Sound samples: kutev.mp3; papazov.mp3; male_le.mp3.
Complementarity of Sources in Studying Adaptation: An Oral History Viewpoint 17
Tiiu Jaago & Ene Kõresaar


Remigration and Telling about It: Stories of Estonians from Russia 39
Anu Korb


Playing with Boundaries: Self and Dialogue in an Indian-American Fatana Performance 63
Christine Garlough


Narratives and Emotions: Revealing and Concealing Laughter 95
Lena Marander-Eklund


Among Others in a World of One’s Own. Appropriation of Space in Modern Apartment Houses in the Early Post-War Period 109
Håkan Berglund-Lake


Interview with Diarmuid Ó Giolláin at the 14th ISFNR Congress, 28 July, 2005, Tartu - Ave Tupits [121]
Author’s response: A Shamanic Book without Shamanic Stories - Michael Berman [129]
 News in brief
Children’s Lore and Folk Music in the Field of Influence of Direct Experience and Media: The Third Winter Conference of Folklorists - Piret Voolaid, Taive Särg [130]
The 2007 Folklore Prizes of the President of Estonia - Astrid Tuisk [131]
International Conference Estonian Sky, Vol. 2 - Andres Kuperjanov [133]
 Book review
The Anatomy and Physiology of the Magical Self - Mare Kalda [137]
Memories at Work: Life Stories of Women Caught by the Forces of the 20th Century - Åsa Ljungström [140]
Breast Cancer Imagery in Slovenia - Piret Paal [145]
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